Tuesday, July 15, 2008


A week or so ago some kids gave me this little green fruit and told me to eat it. They could not tell me what it was and because I didn't know it if was truly edible or if they were just "troubling" me this little green fruit sat on my table until I eventually threw it away. Then yesterday on the way home from Kingston we bought some off the side of road and I tried this new fruit called ginup
you break open the thin green skin and pop the inside fruit into your mouth. There is actually very little fruit around a very large seed. at first it felt like a big piece of fat was placed in my mouth. But then I got a taste of the great juice inside that you have to suck out. It was great and I now love them!
I could not get a good picture of the inside of the fruit but you can kinda see it here it looks like...fat!, But tastes O' so very good.
Have a great Week.
Be blessed and be blessing


GTgyall said...

yumm i love ginnup

Anonymous said...

i'm eating some right now. yay.

Anonymous said...

New fruit you say? Curious how it can be new when it was there before you...